Monday, October 21, 2013

Colonialism/Cronuts: A Two Month Update

Full disclosure: I should be writing a paper about The Tempest and Montaigne's "On Cannibals" and then discussing what they say about colonialism but I can't focus, which might have something to do with the British boy I just saw in the elevator or fact that tomorrow is two months that I've been here. In New York, I mean. In some ways, two months sounds like infinity and there's no way I've been here that long, but in most ways I feel like I've been here my entire life and two months sounds like nothing.

Here. Have some pictures about this month (but prepare yourself because it's basically just selfies and puppies):

This woman on the train is me in 40ish years.

Someone on 12 burnt popcorn at 12 am and we all had to evacuate and the firetrucks came and Hayden is just a real fun time.

We went to the opera and then got pizza because we know how to do college. 

Playbills from my favorite day where I saw two shows in one day and it was the best, especially because Alex and Ernest and Michael surprised me with Big Fish and we all sobbed together.

 Favorite picture ever taken -- selfie on Madi's birthday fisheye during our birthday celebration for her.


My other favorite picture ever with my favorite human Michael who Ernest knows from home who came to visit us and I immediately made him be my best friend of ever.


Seen on the way home from French class in Washington Square Park. (The happiness circle goes multi-lingual!)

 I leave my roommates alone for an hour and a half and this happens outside our door.

One of the best shows I've ever seen. (Plus my nails look great in this picture.)


Other favorite picture ever because we got yelled at by the security guard right as it was taken because the bench was closed (??).


And then my very best childhood friend came to visit me (so, selfie, obviously).

And we did Top of the Rock.

And ate Shake Shack.

And went to the 9/11 Memorial (which is one of my favorite places in the city).

And obsessed over a teeny police cart (not pictured: the taxi on fire).

And obsessed over Matilda.

And ate at my favorite restaurant.

And... selfie.

And accidentally took an express train to Harlem (my fault (not pictured: the express train we also accidentally took to Brooklyn (my fault also))).

And we did eventually make it to Central Park.

Where we took some more selfies.

And got this snapchat from my dad.

And went to the Statue of Liberty.

And went to the sketchiest/best restaurant in the world down in Chinatown...

...with some of my favorite humans. 

And got up at 5:30 am for cronuts.

And it was so worth it.

 And then Harli went home and Anis Mojgani performed, so I went, obviously, and I cried, obviously.

And then my dad went to Thailand without mentioning it to me and that is hilarious and weird.

And I have a birthmark-like scar from that time I fell while running and scraped up my whole body and a homeless man rubbed Neosporin on my shoulder and it is my favorite scar.

And then my mom came to visit (so we took some selfies).

And went for a waterfront run.

And went shopping.

Outfit-I-Was-Proud-Of Selfie.

And saw Pippin, because as you know, it is my favorite.

And went to the greenmarket in Union Square.

And I took some dog pictures because I have been obsessed with dogs lately and I'm convinced Alex and I need to buy a puppy.

And did some laundry at Tian Tian which was the best ever.

And took some selfies on the train.

And I screamed over more dogs.

That feels like a sort of rushed, odd photo tour of this most recent month of my life. Mostly, I just feel like I just want to say that I'm happy. New York makes me calm in an insane way (except for when I get stuck walking behind slow people and start to hyperventilate). Alex has basically filled all the roles as my family -- he manages to be my mother, brother, husband, and son all at the same time, and I would probably actually be dead without him (especially considering how many times he has stopped me from crossing the street and getting hit). Alys is the best roommate I could ever ask for because she makes me laugh and helps me understand politics and sports and talks about theater with me and cries with me and has the cutest giggle and is actually the best, nicest, loveliest person alive. Abby and Luca and Tris and Adam are the actual best, most talented humans, and I die over the fact that I know them. Having Harli here one weekend and my mom here the next was the absolute best. It was so good to have a little taste of home. Avery and Tanner keep me sane when I need a little Utah in my life, but I wish they'd just move out here already and live with me and Alex and Alys and our dog or something.

But seriously. I am happier than I've ever been. And that's something that's hard for me to describe in words and also hard to explain on the internet because it feels very personal and complicated, but also it's not, really. I wake up every day and I look out the window at the Empire State and I like mornings here because I'm here and I like nights here because I'm here and I have all these beautiful, talented people in my life who understand what I meant my entire life when I said that I just had to get here, just had to go to NYU, just had to follow my heart, as cliche as it is, and I just... I just feel so happy. My life is here. And it always was, I guess.

"When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about." -Haruki Murakami
Yours forever,
Addy Sue